Girl on a family photoshoot in Warwickshire

A Warwickshire photoshoot with two families

Behind the scenes on a family photoshoot in Warwickshire with two families and a lot of laughter.

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Child playing - by a Warwickshire photographer

Entertaining children at home

These days we are all at home with our children a lot more than usual. Here are 25 tips for keeping sane and entertaining them.

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Folio Box for family photos

A new folio box to display family photos

We all take more and more family photos, especially on our phones, but we do less with them. How long will they last ?  Many will get lost when phones or computer hard drives fail, or when cloud accounts are lost.  High quality prints will stand the test of time and last 100 years or more.  Here is an example of a beautiful way of displaying and keeping them for ever, and having the best of both worlds.

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