Entertaining the children at home

In the current crisis we are all at home with our children a lot more than usual. You may be worn out from home teaching, (twinkl is a great resource for this) but they still need you!

Here are some tips for keeping sane and entertaining them. Choose those that match the ages and character of your children:

  • Create a routine, which they will like a lot, and include time for yourself (work, chores). For example, let them know that in the morning they can stay in their PJs, watch films and entertain themselves. Then in the afternoons you will play with them.
  • Go outdoors! Plant herbs, go on a bug hunt, use chalk (GiantChalk is good) to draw on paving slabs or your garage floor.  Then on a warm day they can wash it away with the hosepipe!  One family made a giant “Keep Smiling” picture on their drive – and lots of passers by have stopped to look. Needless to say, it made them smile.
  •  Build a den. Get a large sheet or blanket, some cushions and let them pretend it’s whatever they want. A large box makes a good cave.
  • Make a mini garden in a foil tray. Add rocks and twigs, maybe plant some seeds. Using sand to make a beach is another option.
  • Baking.  Here are some easy recipes for kids and safer recipes that don’t involve the oven, only the fridge.
  • Crafts and junk modelling. Don’t recycle your old cereal boxes or loo rolls, keep them to create whatever they want. Use scrap paper and cut up old magazines
  • PlayHooray has printable activity sheets to download with games and craft projects arranged by age.
  • Do a “show” with dancing and singing for grandparents over a video link.
  • Joe Wicks PE lesson is hugely popular. Everyday at 9am on Youtube.
  • Play a game with another family over a video link. Battleships works well, or try a simple board game.
  • Get them to make a map of the local neighbourhood
  • Make a family tree. They’ll learn about the family history and do some drawing at the same time.


I’m a family photographer in Warwickshire.  I’m always telling people to get their family photos printed, so that they don’t get lost and last for the next generation to enjoy.