Twins !  A baby photoshoot in Birmingham

I love photographing twins – identical or not. It adds an extra dimension to the images. As a baby photographer in Birmingham, the opportunity arises every so often, as it did over Christmas. These twins were nearly 5 months old, and they were beautiful – whether sleeping or awake. They also had noticeably different characters. I love the one with two of the family looking serious, and the other two laughing their socks off. The photos were taken around their house, which, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, is a lovely but normal house – not Grand Designs! With patience and care it’s surprising what can be achieved in what may look to others like an unpromising situation.

Here’s what their Mum said:
“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing photos you took of our twins. You were so patient with their initial grumpiness and managed to get amazing shots despite one teething and the other having an ear infection – thank you for waiting while they had a power nap! We are looking forward to asking you back for their first birthday photos! I’ve recommended you to all of my twin mum friends – it’s not easy getting good pictures of one baby let alone 2, but you did a fantastic job!”

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